Nardi is a prestigious Italian brand dedicated to the design and production of durable and high-quality outdoor furniture.

At Muebles J Briñas we offer you the best products so that you can transform any outdoor space into a comfortable and pleasant environment, that is why we include furniture from the Italian firm in our catalog.

Why Nardi?

All Nardi products are made of polypropylene (or resin), since this material has some very interesting advantages:

  • It is very resistant.
  • The intense summer heat does not harm it.
  • It is not damaged by water or humidity.
  • It’s light.
  • It is recyclable.
  • It is not toxic.

These advantages, together with their functionality and colorful designs, make Nardi garden furniture a perfect solution to decorate our gardens and exteriors.

Do you like to have visitors at home? If the weather is good, better do it outdoors.

For this reason, we propose the use of this furniture, designed for those moments of leisure with friends and family, providing comfort and design in equal measure.

Garden furniture made in Italy.

The fact that Nardi is a brand Made in Italy not only implies that they seek to obtain beautiful products, but that they are constantly searching for quality products that improve people’s lives.

When buying outdoor furniture, we must take into account its durability over the years, since being constantly under climatic adversities, it is advisable to pay special attention to this point.

All its furniture has a refined and sophisticated style, which will make your outdoor spaces the perfect stay for your guests.

Nardi polypropylene chairs

Regarding the proposed nardi outdoor chairs for the company, what is interesting is the great diversity of styles and designs.

With or without cushions, low or high and the use of different materials and how could it be otherwise, at Muebles J Briñas we have them all.

The wide range of chairs adapts perfectly to the current trends and tastes of the vast majority of people, helping to create modern and cozy spaces.

These 4 garden chairs are just some examples of the wide variety that make up the Nardi chair catalog , for example “Armchair Aria Nardi ” might be perfect for a grassy area.

As you can see, they are completely different from each other, so each customer will find at least one that meets their needs.

It does not matter if what you are looking for is to place them next to the pool, on the lawn, the barbecue or under the porch, you will find the perfect chairs for each situation on our website. Nardi is a brand with a lot to offer to your favorite space in your home.

If you are thinking of acquiring furniture for garden or outdoor spaces, think no more, in our catalog you will find everything you need at the best price.