Nardi furniture is quality Italian garden furniture with great design. It offers a line of minimalist furniture and decoration that is very popular and is in line with current demand.

At Muebles J. Briñas, you can buy chairs, tables and loungers from the Nardi brand online. In addition, you will find a greater variety of Nardi items in our furniture stores in Torrevieja and Guardamar.

Nardi, Italian furniture design

This Italian furniture brand is one of the best known in the garden furniture area internationally. It is undoubtedly a benchmark in the industry.

Nardi was born in 1990 in Vicenza and from the beginning it stood out for its innovative and unusual pieces with impeccable qualities.

It uses polypropylene, a thermoplastic resin that offers great resistance and a clean and pleasant appearance in a wide variety of its furniture. Nardi has been working on this material for years, and applying it each time, with higher levels of quality. It is a material that is part of his style.

This design and innovative garden furniture brand has achieved great results by manufacturing furniture with the combination of polypropylene, with other materials such as aluminum, synthetic fabrics or glass, increasingly enriching the furniture it distributes.

Nardi, has thus managed to manufacture high-end garden furniture, intended for different environments. The aesthetics of its furniture is so elaborate that despite being outdoor furniture it manages to create atmospheres similar to typical indoor environments but with different materials and design, thus preserving its true functionality as garden furniture.

The Nardi furniture collections are very varied and each piece of furniture admits a great variety of color combinations, combining the structure of the furniture with the color of its fabric (if any).

Undoubtedly, Nardi furniture is a benchmark in the sector and for us, being official distributors of Nardi in Spain is important, since our main product in J. Briñas Furniture (In & Out Furniture) is garden or outdoor furniture.

Nardi, a meaning of its own

Finally, it should be noted that the collections of this designer garden furniture brand involve a series of characteristics that make the decoration of your home acquire greater importance and meaning:

  • The resin used is of first quality and treated with UV rays, thus maintaining its color and intensity.
  • The furniture is designed and manufactured with a view to being easy to clean and completely non-toxic.
  • All products are 100% recyclable.

For all this, we trust Nardi as a possibility when decorating your space or house.

Thus, at Muebles J. Briñas we offer designer garden furniture, high quality and with intrinsic values that give meaning to the decoration of your favorite space.

If you want to know more about the Nardi Furniture that we put at your disposal, you can access our Online Store or visit our furniture store in Torrevieja.

You can also visit the official Nardi page to learn more about them.