At Muebles J Briñas we offer a wide variety of garden furniture from the most exclusive and avant-garde brands, designed with the highest quality materials to offer you comfortable, safe and resistant furniture.

When we talk about garden furniture, it is important to take care of them, since they are in an area that is exposed to all changes of season, climate, temperature, as is the case of a terrace or garden.

The passage of time is also a condition that can deteriorate our garden furniture. Outdoor furniture needs more care, as it is exposed to wind, rain, dust …

How to take care of our garden furniture?

The first factor that we must take into account when cleaning and caring for your outdoor furniture is its composition and materials with which it has been manufactured. Their care will be different if they have been designed in aluminum, polypropylene or rattan.

Aluminum Furniture

You will find this type of furniture in our collection of garden sets: New York, York, Exxe, Geneva or Berlin.

This material is ideal because it does not require excessive care, it is enough to maintain a simple cleaning with soap and water, avoiding any abrasive product. And also, it will be necessary to remove the dust every week with a damp cloth, only with water.

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Polypropylene garden furniture

Polypropylene is an easy material to treat and perfect for dressing our outdoor area. In our catalog you can find them in the Nardi collection. To clean them, you need a soft sponge and a little soapy water. In addition, our polypropylene furniture is anti-UV, to protect it from damage caused by the sun.

To add an extra extra to your care, you can use beeswax, to recover that natural shine.

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We love furniture made in Rattan, you can find it in the Mallorca, Paradise, Montana or Butterfly collection.

They are ideal, because they provide our terrace or garden furniture with a different, exotic and natural touch. To take care of your furniture made of this fantastic material we will only need to rub it with a damp cloth with soap and water.

This type of furniture, it is preferable to keep them in the shade, while they dry and not in an area that is directly exposed to the sun. If you want to protect them even more, linseed oil is perfect for maintaining your rattan furniture.

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