There are many different materials when choosing garden furniture, throughout this article we will review their main characteristics so that you can choose the most suitable for you.

Garden furniture made of wood

Wood is probably one of the most historically used materials in outdoor furniture, due to its robustness, durability and natural appearance, which fits perfectly in green spaces.

In fact, due to this 3 reasons, it is the most used material in parks and public areas.

It is important to choose quality woods that do not chip easily and have the appropriate treatments.

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Metal, different options

There are different types of metals and alloys, you must pay attention to your needs when choosing your garden furniture.

One of the most used is aluminum, due to its lightness, resistance and low cost. It also does not rust, so it can remain intact in humid areas.

Choose this material if you think you will need to move the outdoor furniture from one place to another.

Iron, your garden furniture will last a long time

The iron furniture is extremely robust and resistant and gives a more rustic and classic air to your outdoor areas. The negative points of iron are:

  • Its cost is normally high.
  • It needs periodic maintenance to avoid oxidation.
  • It is very heavy, making it difficult to relocate.

Polyrattan, a booming material

Polyrattan is one of the most fashionable materials today, mainly because it requires minimal maintenance.

It is usually built on an aluminum base that makes polyrattan garden furniture light and strong.

It gives a natural touch to your outdoor spaces and it is possible to find it in different colors, so you can choose the one that best suits the area where you want to place them.

Its main advantage over its natural alternative is that natural rattan needs varnish every year to nourish it and prevent it from deteriorating.

Plastic materials

It is an economical, light and easy to maintain material, in addition to allowing practically infinite designs, due to its versatility when it comes to manufacturing.

There are many types of plastics, the most commonly used today are polypropylene and resin, both are perfect for residences near the sea, since they are not damaged by the saltpeter.

Garden Furniture from Nardi (Polypropylene)

Garden Furniture from Nardi (Polypropylene)

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